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No matter the issue at hand, my guiding principles will be to LISTEN and COLLABORATE: listen to you and your concerns, and collaborate with local leaders and experts in our community to find the best solutions for Dublin.

Safety is Number One


Our quality of life depends on a safe community in our homes, schools, and local businesses. I advocate a proactive approach that utilizes advanced technology, the most modern police practices, and zero tolerance for violent crime. A successful police and fire department shall be visible and accountable to the citizens. The expansion of community watch and school resource officers in our schools will make our children safer.   


Thriving Businesses


Without a strong business community, Dublin will not have the resources to provide the best service to our residents. It is not good enough to say we want tech and clean jobs; leadership requires an action plan to make that happen. Infrastructure is necessary to secure these local jobs and opportunities to keep our growing city lively and continue strengthening our community. As an engineer in the tech industry and a small business owner, I understand first-hand how we ought to support businesses to continue growing and thriving.

High-Quality Life


Our families enjoy working, studying, and living in Dublin. The American Backyard has been a gleaming gem, supporting a high-quality lifestyle for families here. As your leader, I will ensure we continually improve our infrastructure, parks, and public services and meet our evolving communities' growing and changing needs.  

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Support Education


I am a strong advocate for high-quality public education. It is important that the City and Dublin School District work together to support the expectations of the parents. I pledge to collaborate fully with Dublin schools for the betterment of all. We need a united City of Dublin; we all represent the same people! We can do better, and as your leader, I will make that happen.  



Dublin is near build-out; any increase in growth in the community must be done in a sustainable manner. I pledge to protect our parks and open spaces that make our community unique. I will encourage more job opportunities with incentives for smart growth and high-paying jobs.  


I will work with our city and county leaders to find solutions to make our commutes and day-to-day lives more efficient, pleasant, and environmentally friendly. 

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