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Hu becomes second Dublin councilmember to launch 2024 mayoral campaign

Nicole Gonzales / Pleasanton Weekly

Jul 13, 2023

Dublin City Councilmember Sherry Hu, whose first term on the dais will come to an end next year, has announced that she will run for mayor in the November 2024 general election.

Dublin City Councilmember Sherry Hu, whose first term on the dais will come to an end next year, has announced that she will run for mayor in the November 2024 general election.

Hu has said that safety will remain her No. 1 priority, followed by promoting local businesses and a high quality of life for residents. Hu is now the second sitting council member to publicly confirm plans for a mayoral bid next year with current Mayor Melissa Hernandez terming out, as Jean Josey announced her campaign in recent weeks.

Hu made the official announcement during a dinner held June 8 at the Mayflower restaurant in Dublin where she was surrounded by supporters, friends and family and spoke to her major goals and vision for the city, saying that she will prioritize safety through new approaches. She confirmed the news in a press release last Friday.

"Safety is No. 1. Our quality of life depends on a safe community in our homes, schools and local businesses," Hu said. "I advocate a proactive approach that utilizes advanced technology, the most modern police practices, and zero tolerance for violent crime."

"A successful police and fire department shall be visible and accountable to the citizens. Expansion of community watch and school resource officers in our schools will make our children safe," Hu added.

Having first been elected in November 2020, Hu's term on City Council is set to expire in December 2024.

In alignment with current Dublin term limits that permit any individual to a maximum of eight consecutive years in any city council position, Hu would qualify for four more years either as a regular councilmember or mayor.

"Our current mayor is prohibited from running for another term of office," Hu said, referencing Hernandez. "Dublin has had an impressive list of strong leaders in our city's history, (and) I want to take the city of Dublin to the next level for our citizens. I enjoy a wide band of support in the community and I want to translate that energy into action."

On the topic of local businesses, Hu said it will be imperative to support them for the prosperity of Dublin.

"There are too many empty storefronts and vacant space in Dublin; I will make it a priority to bring jobs and prosperity to Dublin," Hu said. "Without a strong business community, Dublin will not have the resources to provide the best services to our residents. It is not good enough to say we want tech and clean jobs, leadership (also) requires an action plan to make that happen."

Hu also spoke about her volunteer and community service work.

Aside from her role on council, she is a member of several regional leadership boards, such as the East Bay Community Energy board, Alameda County Library Commission and the Dublin Unified School District liaison committee.

"I believe in giving back to the community," she said. "In the past, I volunteered in my childrens' schools as a classroom parent at Kolb Elementary school and was vice president of the Fallon Middle School PTA."

"I have the energy and ideas to effectively lead our community," she added.

Hu, a longtime resident of Dublin, has a Ph.D. in architectural engineering. She has previously worked in finance and project management.

To find out more about Hu's 2024 mayoral campaign, visit

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