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Meet Dr. Sherry

Who am I? I put a lot of thought into it, and I describe myself in writing here. And I invite you to join my events, read my social media, and sit down for a coffee with me, so you will get to know me, who might be exactly like your neighbor, your coworker, or your old friend. 


Hello friends, neighbors, and visitors,

I'm Sherry Hu, a dedicated council member in Dublin, CA. With a Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering and credentials in engineering, finance, and project management, I actively contribute to various boards, including East Bay Community Energy and Alameda County Library Advisory Commission. I also volunteered as VP at the Parent Faculty Club of Fallon Middle School.


As a city leader, my priorities lie in ensuring safety, fostering thriving businesses, enhancing quality of life, and supporting education through collaboration with local leaders. Feel free to explore my website for more information about my background, priorities, and media.

Thank you for your support and involvement in our community.

Rooted in Dublin

3-Women Symposium with State Treasurer Fiona Ma 2023-03-06_edited.jpg

I am a proud long-time resident of Dublin, CA. I am honored to serve my city as a council member from 2020 to the present. In addition to my council responsibilities, I also serve as an executive board member for East Bay Community Energy, a commissioner for Alameda County Library Advisory Commission, Dublin School Unified District Liaison Committee, East Bay Regional Park District Liaison Committee, Zone 7 Water Agency Liaison Committee and Liaison Committees for San Ramon and Pleasanton. I truly love my community.

I have always been a passionate lifetime learner. I am curious about how things work, so I love to learn knowledge and master skills. Over the years, I have gained numerous credentials: a Ph.D. degree in Architectural Engineering, a Business minor degree, two Professional Engineering Credentials in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, a LEED Accredited Professional, a Certified Financial Planner, a Project Management Professional, etc.

Community Involvement

I am an enthusiastic volunteer and philanthropist at heart.I am beyond grateful and proud that our city recognized the nonprofit organization I co-founded, Above Beyond Leadership Education (ABLE), as the Organization of the Year in 2023. ABLE provides a platform for students and parents to serve the public, give back to the community and learn leadership skills. Over the years, we have raised and collectively donated tens of thousands to various causes, including an Orphanage in India, Libraries in Indonesia, nonprofits dedicated to humanity services, environmental protection organizations, groups assisting Ukrainians, and local schools and churches.


I believe in giving back to the community. In the past, I have served as an SVP at the Women Wealth Symposium, a senior advisor at the US-China Energy Efficiency Alliance, a board member of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, a group leader in Church, and a volunteer of various charity organizations. I also volunteered in their schools as a classroom parent at Kolb elementary school and VP of the Fallon Middle School PTA.

Professional Pursuits


I am a professional with career goals and dreams. Building on my work experience as a research professor at a state university and an engineer in the building design industry and utility companies, I co-founded a startup company in the Internet-of-Things field. We are working with industry tech leaders to improve manufacturing, transportation, and indoor environmental control systems.

I also acted on my devotion to education. It became evident to me, particularly in the case of first-generation families, that navigating college applications could be overwhelming. To address this challenge, I took a proactive step and co-founded an educational organization to deliver exceptional college planning services.

Family Values

I am a proud parent. I value education and am committed to providing the best support for my children. My children went through Kolb Elementary, Fallon Middle School, Valley Christian School, and Dublin High School. Currently, my daughter Elizabeth is a college student at UCLA. She studies hard toward her dream of becoming a distinguished lawyer, like Ruth Ginsburg. My son attends Valley Christian High School, and his passionate interests are in gymnastics, acting, and music.

I am also a daughter, and I am dedicated to caring for my parents, who are now in their mid-eighties. Recognizing the importance of their well-being, I made the decision to bring them closer to me and assume responsibility for their care. Each passing day, I find myself cherishing every precious minute spent with them, knowing that these moments are invaluable and fleeting. Their presence in my life is a constant reminder of my immeasurable love and gratitude for them, and I strive to make their golden years as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

I look forward to connecting with you on Facebook, meeting you at events, and getting to know you and your family.

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