Dr. Sherry Hu is a first-generation immigrant raised by parents that taught her the values of family, education, and community service from an early age. 

Twenty years ago, Dr. Sherry came to the United States to pursue her PhD in Architectural Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln after earning her MS in Architectural Engineering and BS in Environmental Engineering and Business. 

Dr. Sherry then spent time in education, teaching as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. There, Dr. Sherry led teams in researching building energy performance, indoor environmental quality, and LEED certified green buildings. Dr. Sherry also developed automatic measurement and data acquisition systems for the UNLV technology lab to test underfloor air distribution systems for maximum energy sustainability. 

This research informed Dr. Sherry’s consulting work on complex building projects for schools, government buildings, offices, hospitals, and more to offer innovative solutions for a greener future.

Since choosing Dublin as her forever home over a decade ago, Dr. Sherry believes there is no better place to live, work, and raise her family.   


Once living in the Bay Area, Dr. Sherry was appointed as the Director of Green Building of the National Resource Defense Council, the top non-profit international environmental advocacy organization. Dr. Sherry collaborated with a broad innovative coalition including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Projects led by Dr. Sherry were awarded by the International Clean Energy Research Center, established by President Barack Obama.

Dr. Sherry’s environmental engineering expertise equipped her years as Senior Program Manager and lead engineer at PG&E where she maximized energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of products, projects, and programs. 

For the past years, Dr. Sherry has again acted on her passion for education--when she realized her own school-aged children and so many other families need guidance in extracurricular education and college preparation, Dr. Sherry co-founded an educational organization, Beyond Academy (, to provide extensive leadership training and accessible, high-quality, and cost-effective college planning for students and families. Dr. Sherry’s own desire to be involved in her children’s education and spend more time with them has driven her college planning work so that she can help Dublin families do the same. 

Dr. Sherry’s volunteer service includes founding a nonprofit to help Indian children with food access, advising in education non-profits, leading in the Dublin Chinese Community, and serving as the VP of the Fallon Middle School PTA. Previously, Dr. Sherry has served as a senior advisor at the US-China Energy Efficiency Alliance, a board member of Chinese Institute of Engineers, a group leader in Church, and a volunteer of a variety of charity organizations.

Dr. Sherry and her husband, Tom, have been married for 20 years and have two wonderful children, Elizabeth and Hubert who attend Dublin High School and Fallon Middle School.